Works in the Sistine Chapel

Although many of the works of other artists in the Sistine Chapel (featured right) are eclipsed by those of Michelangelo, the works of many prominent artists feature in the Chapel, including those of Botticelli. Botticelli was commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV, in 1481, along with other painters, to decorate the walls of the Sistine Chapel with fresco. Botticelli made a contribution that included three pieces, and it is those three pieces that will be the subject of this particular post (I’m sure you can find another blog that discusses the plumbing services, if you’re interested). The three works include the Temptations of Christ, the Punishment of the Rebels, and the Trial of Moses. (I know, all super uplifting choices.) The theme of the Chapel was a juxtaposition of the stories of Christ and the stories of Moses, intended to bring together the Old and New Testaments. Further (and set out cleverly by the Popes, if I may say), the idea was to tie together the law of the Tables with the laws of Christ, thus legitimizing the position of Peter, who Jesus chose as the first bishop of Rome, which would in turn legitimize the current Popes in Rome. Smart, right?

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